adventures with chubs doing pull-ups

well our little gabers has either gotten stronger or a little lighter. i'm going for stronger :) (he weighs 23lbs) he's started to pull himself up on things thanksgiving weekend. of course we were staying in a beach house that is anything but childproof, so that was fun! he's crawling, well army crawling, a lot more. sometimes he'll get up on all 4's but it doesn't last long. that's really hard work. but he, like big brother ben, is super fast. he LOVES to get into the dog food & water bowls. it's awesome. he gets soaked in water & tries eating the food. his little appetite is growing & changing. he starts to whine whenever he sees any of us with food & he's without. i'm quite thankful for his decision to want more food. we've started giving him more little 'puffs' -solid food. he loves them. so maybe he'll start to wean himself in the next few months. he's almost 9 months old! geez louise where has the time gone?! he's most definitely entered into the trouble maker stage.

and while gabe is starting to get into things, ben is finally able to articulate what he is wanting. he's so great to see the little wheels in head spinning as he tries to tell you what he wants. he's also become a great helper & cleaner. he loves cleaning up-even when it's not time to. :) he's really following directions and listening well. he's becoming such a big kid. i find myself just wanting to hold & snuggle him more these days. i know his baby-ness is fading quickly. his imagination is coming to life. i love to hear him tell me stories, usually they are just recounted cartoon episodes, but he acts like he is part of the story. i love it! he loves to tell stories while we are in the car when he has my undivided attention. he's also started to use toys with his imagination. last week he was at his nana roo's and told her that this little white puppy was sad. he needed a paci. so ben took the puppy and put him in the pack n play with a paci and blankey and then said "much better". my sweet little guy. can't wait to see where his imagination takes us.

love these boys & our ever changing and continuing adventures we go on!

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