adventures of thanksgiving at a beach houe

we were blessed to spend thanksgiving weekend with some friends at a beach house in the outer banks. we had a wonderful time! we were close enough to drive home to spend thanksgiving dinner with matt's parents & sister and then back to the beach house. here a just a couple pics of that weekend. the boys were recovering from being sick, so some fresh sea air was great!

football on thanksgiving? what?!
my precious boy
he found a log on the beach and had to climb it. boys!
the family at the lighthouse in corolla.
pronounced co-rawl-a, not like a toyota :)
my smiley little guy returning to his normal self :)
the inlet at corolla
ben showing his friend liam the kites he discovered
"kite! kite! kite!" etc, etc...
"yes ben, a kite."
"kite! kite! kite!"
pure. love.
playing chase with daddy is always a hit


  1. Yay! Another adventure time with the Ruckels. !Mi Favorito!

  2. Looks like lots of fun was going around there! Good memories...



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