adventurers at play

caught the boys playing a few different times lately. brings joy to my heart to see them playing & exploring on their own. their own mini adventures within the safety of home. doesn't get much better than that!

guess gabe thought a good place to start was eating the basket....
oooh what's in here?
mom, look what i found! toys! much better!!
gabe went on an exploration & ended up by the back door. LOL!
super pumped at his independence & yet returning
to find mommy hiding around the corner.

this boy loooooves to build! look at the concentration.
he was building 'a tower'. he was very proud of his finished product,
yet it fell before i got a picture.
"handy benny"
which tool is best for the job?
still searching...
ahh, yes, the hammer! let me get that dad.
hmmm! let me get a better look here.

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