a no-fun adventure with sick babies

we've had a loooong weekend. it's really the last weekend before holiday craziness ensues & the boys got some kinda bug-and i'm fighting it. well i guess we just wanted to have a little chaos of our own before the holidays! of course, gabe has it the worst, his poor little body just can't fight as hard as us bigger people. bless his little heart. he struggles to breath cause of his stuffed nose & drainage. PTL for aspirators (aka booger suckers)! they have been his life line the last few days. he absolutely hates it, but he can breathe so much better afterwards. we have to do it every couple of hours, especially before he eats. he's a little champ and is still trying to be himself. he slept a good portion of the day today, but has been up most of the afternoon trying to play. ben's got a cough & runny nose but doesn't seem to be put off too much by it. he's a little lethargic & snuggly but still wants to wrestle. the worst is at night of course when the fevers come up and they lay down to sleep & everything runs down their throats. yuck! so it's been several little sleep kinda nights. i'm thankful they aren't too whiney in the midst of it. so grateful for my sweet boys-i don't do well with cranky even if they are sick! :)

hoping they get better soon! we're heading to spend a few night at a beach house with friends for the thanksgiving holiday & don't wanna be spreading this around.

love to all! thankful for you who love, support & pray for us!

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  1. I'll also make sure to remember your shift key in my prayers as well.



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