adventures in communications and manuvering

all i can say is...FINALLY!! i know how my very own computer! so hopefully instead of updating every 6 weeks or so, maybe i can get on a better routine. so we'll just call this one a catch up entry.

ben: my oh my! he is a nonstop talker. his thing is repeat a word until you interrupt or repeat it so he knows that he's been heard. he's comprehending so much more & able to communicate in new ways. he tells me what he would like to eat & when. we're still working on the potty stuff, but i'm not trying to push it. i know it'll come eventually. but for now i'll take the "i wuv mama" and "gabers" . he truly does love his little brother. he most definitely alerts me when gabe is crying and makes sure that i help him out. then other day i got out of the shower & found him in the crib with gabe reading him a book. i guess gabe had woken up & was crying. my sweet boy! ben is really into robots, planes & cars. oh and dinosaurs! great! here come all the non-pretty boy things.

gabe: well geez louise! this kid is growing out of control. at his 6 month check up he was 21lbs! yes there are days when he wants to be held & it breaks my back. but there's plenty of him to hold onto that's for sure. :) he's such a sweet baby. he will smile at anyone, anytime. he's too easy. i love it. even when he's teething he's sweet & snuggly. so thankful! he seems to be quite the momma's boy though. i finally, at 6 1/2 months, got him to eat baby food! he seems to enjoy it most of the time, but he'd still prefer me. i'm trying to just enjoy that because i know i'll wish i had when the time comes for him to become his daddy's shadow. well my little chubba has also figured out the army crawl right about 7 1/2 months. he can really get places when desired, but he also likes to pull the i'm-gonna-fuss-til-you-give it-to-me method as well. i thought it would take him longer to get the crawling down. i've noticed that he actually struggles more with pulling himself up. one must have lots of upper body strength to get those arms to work.

they're both growing like weeds & seem to find new adventures for us all to embark on together. i'm loving being a momma to these 2 sweet little guys-2 is more than enough for now!

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