adventures of teething & talking

my life is full of teething babies & talking toddlers! gabe has another tooth...so that's 3 total & all on the bottom. i can feel another one pushing on the bottom & not a top tooth in sight. he also won't eat any food for the life of me. i'm dying to give it to him and he just refuses. he's also learned to sit this week. he's doing great. he'll sit in one place for a while before he topples to the side, usually because he's reached for a toy just out of reach. love this stage....the one where they don't go anywhere!

ben has really started to talk up a storm lately. he goes from not saying anything to becoming my little parrot. well, actually matt's little parrot. he follows matt, imitates matt & says whatever matt does. it's sweet to see his love & admiration for his dad at such an early age. it's been nice to actually communicate with him better. if you ask him to choose between 2 things he'll just repeat whichever you've said last, but it's a start. and i'll take what i can get!

they both seem to be growing leaps & bounds every week!

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  1. Or it's just a very strange coincidence that he always prefers the second item...



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