an adventurous rolley-polley

well i put my finger in gabe's mouth today and got a little sharp surprise. the once barely poking tooth, is most definitely a full blown tooth. 5 months old! hooray! i'm glad his waited til now! ben's first one (two!) came shooting through right at 4 months. thankful my boys get teeth early because it helps with the transition to food. so now gabe will have some teethers to help with that chewing of food puree he'll start next month. :)

his second new trick, besides cutting teeth, is rolling over. he's done it a time or two before but nothing consistent. well today was the day apparently. every time i put him on his back to play he'd roll himself over. so no more walking away...he's on the move. i doubt he'll be an early crawler since he has all the extra weight to haul around, but i guess we'll see.

oh and this boy's smile. :) melts my heart. he's such a sweetie! and yet at the same time he's got a serious temper. but when he's happy, he's happy. smiling & laughing. i wonder if he'll have the same old man laugh (or one with his own twist) that ben has. he sure has the same huge smile. maybe i should have named the blog happy ruckel boys!

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