differences between adventurous brothers

here's how ben & gabe compare at their 4 month appt.

ben: 15lbs. 14oz. and 26in.
gabe: 17lbs. 14 oz. and 26.5in.

my big boys! they're close, but gabe takes the cake! i was re-reading old ben blogs to see what he was doing at this age. grabbing toes & rolling over-pretty standard. it amazes me how easily i forgot! but at the same time it's so familiar. gabe's giggling and yelling, rolling and playing, grabbing at everything. he is such a sweetie and will easily give you a smile. and at the same time, this boy has a TEMPER! his fuse is short and he gets worked up so easily. if he can't quite get a good grasp on a toy, watch out! but he sure does love to play. he'll play on his mat for quite awhile just talking & yelling at his reflection in the mirror.

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