adventures with 2 kids...

brotherly love

 "One kid is an accessory; Two is a lifestyle."
 i didn't quite fully understand this quote until i had gabe. i thought it was funny, but now i know it's more than that, it's TRUE! long gone are the days of picking up and going, making a quick trip into the store, and a nice quiet dinner. :) 

and i think...really? i want more?! am i crazy?
well sure, but i think most moms are. it's gotta be a defense mechanism. we all had times as kids that we were embarrassed of our parents, that now as adults we've come to appreciate. lol! i've come to realize that my mom's singing to any and every song that came over the speakers or just into her head was more to drown out the loud noise of my sisters & i bickering. i still haven't found out a way to explain the dancing, but i'm sure i will eventually. :) love you mom! 

hmm...i wonder what mine will be.....


  1. Dancing is a way of distracting the kids so they forget what they were fussing about and either take cover so no one sees they are with me or grab hold of me to stop the dance. It seemed to work well. Of course, it words better on girls and they have to be "of an age" to be embarrassed by the parent. ;o}

  2. We did a family grocery shopping trip the other night...HA! We came home and Adam said he didn't know how I did it every day at home with the 2 of them...sometimes I don't know either :)



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