adventures of technological organization

i have spent the afternoon on the computer, which i suppose is nothing out of the ordinary, but i finally got a few things done that i've been meaning to. you know when you sit down to look something up on the computer and then get totally sidetracked checking email or facebook, thus forgetting the original purpose of turning the computer on in the first place?! well i organized my on-line life. finally! i spruced up the blog :), finished signing up for my twitter account, linked it to my facebook & my phone, organized my bookmarks, updated my calendar and answered some long awaited emails. phew! what a girl can do when everyone else in the house is sleeping and there is no obligation to clean because it's a lazy & rainy sunday afternoon. now i'd say that i would maybe get some cleaning done tonight, alas it's small group week. darn! ;) but i know that i will need to accomplish some sort of task before bedtime or else my mind will go a million miles a minute trying to account all the things i put off today's 'To Do' list and added them to tomorrow's...oh well. His mercies are NEW every morning-including tomorrow!

all in all, i'm at least feeling a little bit accomplished! :) now off to small group to spend some time in community & listen to my man teach on Hebrews.

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