adventures with our chunker

i thought about trying to play catch up on my blogging...such a slacker these days! :) but in feeling overwhelmed in that thought, i decided to just start with today instead. it's been a busy week for our little gabers-he had pictures taken yesterday morning & then had his 4 month well-visit at the dr today. i'm anxiously awaiting the pictures! he did so great. he was awake and interacting the entire time. it's rare that he gets an uninterrupted hour of attention :) 

we went to the doc this morning. let's just say i knew he'd grown and was very heavy. but once i'd heard his measurements those words seemed more like an understatement! he's 26.5 inches & 17lbs 14oz! he's in the 90th percentile for length and weight! ha! makes me laugh :) so funny to think that such a large child could come from matt & i. love my chunky buddy...although my arms would beg to differ many times. he also got his shots today and was already a little feverish to begin with, so he is quite hot and sleepy today...with a little fussy mixed in. joy-o-joy!  

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  1. Shots are never fun even if they are uneventful. Maybe a Wednesday or Thursday appointment would give you a day or two after the shots to watch him. I'm glad you were watchful this time.



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