adventures on the bay

for the first time since i've been a 'ruckel' we took a family trip to the beach. :) it was great fun... a lot of work, but great fun. both the boys did great & were very worn out by the end of the day. there were doubts in my mind, but i too survived the trip. ben really loves the water. he asks to "go spash" & makes the motion with his hands when he wants to swim. he much preferred hanging out in the water with nana roo or auntie kate than playing in the sand on the shore. once he figured out that he could go into the water, the sand was no longer fun.


  1. Wish I had been a sea gull flying over and watching it all. The pics are great! Glad he enjoys the water so much.

  2. Love that black & white photo of Ben- precious!!



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