adventures in baltimore

the boys & i drove up to baltimore to hang out with my dad for the day. it was quite an undertaking :) but definitely worth it. a 4 hour trip turned into a 6 hour one with traffic, getting lost in dc (as always), and stopping to feed my starving yet chubby 3 month old. my dad hadn't yet gotten to meet gabe & it has been several months since he's seen ben, so it was a special time. we helped grandad scout out a good place for he & grammie to live once they move out here next june-we drove, we played at parks, walked around a 50's car cruise night & ate candy. it was delightful. both ben & gabe did amazing! i'm blessed to have good little car travelers that do it the old fashioned way-without dvd players. :) 

can't wait til grammie & grandad are east coasters, although we know they love that west coast!

when it's not just enough to slide anymore
you  JUMP!

grandad helping gabe exercise
ben was describing his amazing view to grandad...
he could see the skatepark from 'way up there'
sweat + dirty face= playing hard
grandad had a car just like this one...

grandad already knows to get snuggles whenever possible

this picture just makes me laugh :)
 sweet kisses goodbye

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  1. How fun! They are moving closer? That's great news! You must be stoked!



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