an adventurous discovery in resemblance

it's been a little bit of a mystery who our little gabe resembles. you ask any handful of people & they will all give you a different answer.  my dad (grandad) kept saying that gabe looked like a "cook" boy.  what he was meaning is, gabe looks like my brother. for those of you who are thinking: "what i thought you only had sisters!" my parents had a son between me & my oldest sister who passed away from SIDS. my mom scanned me a couple of pictures & emailed them to me this week. and boy oh boy! i think we've nailed it folks, gabe looks like his uncle josh.  this is a picture of josh when we was almost exactly the same age that gabe is now. look for yourself...


  1. I can't believe the resemblance--even to the tongue. (Kelli did that too.) Guess we'll get to see what Josh would have looked like through his life. God is good!



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