peek-a-boo adventures

ben loves to play in this cabinet in the living room. as you can see it's big enough for him to stand up in, so we cleared it out. his favorite thing to do is close the door himself and then jump out and "RRRRROOOAAAAAARRRRR" at you! it's great. i love the noises little boys make. our friends, the newtons, came over for dinner one night and the kiddos ended up playing in here for quite a while. matt sat just outside the door and would yell back at the kids when the door opened. it was a hit! 

maybe one day i'll actually get around to painting the inside of the cabinet. i figured i might as well seeing as it stays open a lot. ....hopefully my creative juices will begin to flow once again...

savannah & montanna newton and ben

1 comment:

  1. love this! :) ben and montanna were so into it and savannah look skeptical, as usual :)



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