adventures in a van

last week...very last minute...i decided to join my sister-in-law and cousin-in-law on a road trip to florida. first ben & i drove to columbia, sc and met up with everyone. then we drove to florida from there. it was 3 adults & 7 kids in a 15 passenger van-with no dvd player might i add. we thought we had borrowed one, but all we got were the screens, no dvd player. so an adventure it was! we made it with sanity in tact and enjoyed our long weekend there. we got to visit with both sides of matt's family and loved being able to stay at nanny's with all the other cousins. ben definitely thought he was one of the big kids.

all the cousins except for maddie

noah showing ben how to blow bubbles


this is how you occupy a toddler in the car


  1. The CHEESE picture and the video are priceless!!! What a sweet little man you have!! ;D

  2. Great pictures! I'm so glad Ben is part of a "group" of cousins. He will have many experiences that way...loved the video too.



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