adventures with the ruckels over the last few months

here are some pictures from the last couple of months...sorry for the delay! all of our pictures are now on one computer, which is great, but the catch is it's matt's work computer. i don't always have the unlimited access that i would like :) so here is my make up...sorry grammie!

jumping in leaves at the park! welcome fall!

ben loves to watch & imitate daddy...so he found dad's shoes to wear around the house. he did this himself folks, on the correct feet & everything!

ben's second home is the drumset! when he starts to get antsy in the house, we go out to the studio to play the drums! dad put headphones on him so he looks the part!

daddy snuck in some snuggle while ben was watching cartoons. got get 'em while you can!

he was singing while playing the drums. i think he's got a future behind those drums.

he loves to brush his teeth so much...he climbed on top of the toilet to get to our toothbrushes. he was not happy when took them away.

we had suckers in the backseat and ben decided to help himself. we turned around to discover this in his mouth and ALL OVER his face.

he's an inventive one...strong, curious & bold are a troublesome combination! he climbed in & out of the basket on top of the couch for about an hour!

picture perfect moment! i found him like this right before naptime one day. i guess if the drums don't work out, then maybe he'll move onto guitar.

it this would be the biggest reason the page hasn't been updated...i've been trying to just feel normal and not be sick. the sickness is finally subsiding & that's why i'm updating now. i'm almost 16 weeks and i'm due the last week of march! 

i knew that matt wouldn't believe me off of a faint line, so i took a digital one this time. i learned my lesson with ben.

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  1. Wonderful! I love them all! He is showing that individuality both his mom & dad have.



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