the last of our california adventure

well we've been mighty busy the last few days. we helped my poppo pack up and move out of his house. my aunts were going thru, sorting, and packing everything. mucho kuddos to them! ben ran around the farm and got himself so dirty! he was a black footed baby for 2 days in a row. he helped grandad clean out the shop, so you can imagine what kind of dirt he found. the really sticky grungy dirty kind! :) he loved it!

we also ran around alot once kelli got here. it was great to have another person to play with!

these are dirty toes after being wiped down. they were just stained black, it only came off after a good long soak!

sleepy boys. he's learning the art of "the recliner".

horsey ridin' aunt kelli & watching cartoons! life couldn't be any better than this!

the sisters 3.

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