the adventure continues...day 5

we had a fun play day today complete with horsey rides, bubbles & backyard runs. my aunt judy & poppo came over for dinner and then we all sat outside and enjoyed dessert in the perfect evening weather. aunt kelli gets in tomorrow and we're excited to see her!

ben's new favorite game-granddaddy horsey rides

after the horsey ride was over & grandad was exhausted, ben decided he was gonna try.

he was being wild and climbing all over me. we'd both just gotten up from a nap so i suppose he was extra excited to see me and he chose to show that by kicking my face.

climbed up onto poppo's lap just so he could get the cane.
ahhh...the mind of a one-year old boy!

strawberries & ice cream for dessert on the patio MMM! MMM! MMM!
he asked for seconds on this course of dinner.

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