the adventure continues...day 4

whew! to make up for yesterday we had an all day excursion to the coast. we hit half moon bay all the way up to sausalito with many stops along the way. the biggest issue we faced wasn't the hours in the car, it was the fact that i forgot to pack the stroller and i didn't realize it until we were almost there. thankfully california has a babies r us & starbucks on every street corner! it was quite the ordeal. we waited for service for about 20 minutes because the only umbrella strollers they had out were pink. and then when i found a lady to ask about other strollers, she just didn't understand that i needed another color...even though she saw ben! anyways, we ended up with a lime green one. which you will see we proudly displayed for all of california & its tourists to see.

ben modeling in front of the golden gate bridge for the next california tourism magazine. he'll so be the cover boy!

me & the little sis trying to match up to ben...but just not quite as cute.

there's 3 generations of cooks...and the feathery hair blowing wildly in the wind to prove it

cheesy smiling ben. i think he may be a little embarrassed of his bright green-ness. oh well :)

the boys representing.

this is how california does the beach...cliffs, seaspray & dark sand. gorgeous!

and at the end of it all...pure tiredness. goodnight he says!


  1. so fun! i think the lime green is for sure the new statement in baby fashion.

  2. LOVE the pic in front of the bridge...too cute!

  3. I love the sleepy baby picture!! What a precious boy. Looks like you guys are having a ball! Give your parents, and Grandmother big hugs and loves for me. :D



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