my little rock star

hair by: dana & tess
this is the result of woman getting bored while watching the super bowl!

well it's been a couple of weeks because the only internet we have is in the studio (which is finished by the way) and i keep forgetting to ask matt for the key! but i remembered today. no big ben updates really. he is talking a lot more these days and tries at times to mimic what you say. i know he knows what he is saying because it is always very deliberate, i just don't speak the same language. he really loves being in his walker these days. he loves the freedom and banging into things. it's quite funny. he goes into the back hallway and yells-not because he's stuck, but because it echoes and he likes to hear himself. what can i say the kid likes the sound of his own voice.

he eats so much! he's eating more big people food because he wants whatever is on my our plates-even if he's already eaten!

love to all!


  1. I can't believe he was still long enough to let you do that! His arms look a little fuller...? He better get the walking started soon or you won't be able to lift him.

  2. He has an Auntie Kate hair do. Or as owen would say, "Baby Ben, you have a birds nest."

  3. Shall I bring my scissors and give him a 1-yr haircut? I know...the first one is the hardest...

  4. so stinkin' cute! cant believe his 1st bday is sneaking up so fast!!! :)
    miss you guys....dinner soon maybe?



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