hanging out in Liberty

ben tess & i are in liberty for a few days. it's kaitlyn's 21st birthday and my cousin betsy's wedding! just one big party for us. and we were awoken this morning to snow-more than VA gets but gone just as quickly. we at least got a picture in all of the whiteness before it melted. we'll post pics when we get back.

but most importantly our little man is taking what we're calling "short walks" these days. he walks about 10 feet or so before he gets so excited he waves his arms to hard and tumbles to the ground. it's quite entertaining. he's definitely starting to default to walking instead of crawling now.


  1. I can hardly wait to see it! I like the waving of the arms. Enjoy showing him off. Wish we could be there to see it all. Give our love to the family.

  2. Hey I posted a few pics on my blog. :-)



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