baby steps!

well folks...he did it! his first official step was taken last night-10 months & 5 days. he decided it was his birthday present to his aunt kristin! we had him corralled in between some couches in the youth room and he did it...small step for mankind, a BIG step for ben! it was great! matt and i both witnessed it so that was special since that only happens once in life.

also while corralled in the couches at the moment (yes, i'm at the church) he has learned how to climb onto the couch and off the other end! he's an adventurous one thats for sure. he keeps us on our toes and laughing more than ever.

who would've known that a giggle so sweet and pure could be so healing! pictures soon to follow

1 comment:

  1. I can hardly wait to see him run! I'm even willing to chase him.



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