a big week

this week has been busy & full. it started out with ben getting pink eye. how a month old baby gets pink eye when no one has had it is strange. but we got some ointment and it healed up almost overnight. since we took him to the doc, they weighed him and sure enough, he's reached the 10lbs mark. 10lbs. 4oz to be exact. he's now been loving dubbed "meatball" by his dad! :)

ben has been working on the grumpy old man look as well. he is losing the hair on the top of his head but still has all of it along the sides. it's quite hilarious. the new hair has started to come back in but just isn't thick enough to really see quite yet. see picture of the matching sleepy boys above.

and to finish off the week we went to a baby shower yesterday and ben got to hang out with some of his friends. hannah on the left is 2 days younger than ben and sherilan on the right is almost 3 months. we can't wait for the other little ones on the way get here!!


  1. Now, Ben, I don't want to sound obsessive that I am the first to post a comment again, but what can I say... you are irresistible!

    Really enjoyed the long chat we had yesterday at the shower. Not sure why you then took a pic with two other girls... but I can take a hint.

    Hope you get some rest this weekend. Stay away from those cows...pink eye dude, that's tough.

    Much Love,


  2. thanks for sharing ben's life... he's so cute and growing so fast. miss you, April



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