all about growing me

i've definitely noticed a few things this week:
1. i love him more every time i hold him. it's absolutely amazing!
2. he has huge hands & feet! i pray that this means he's gonna grow into them and be a big boy. i mean his feet are so big that he can't wear 0-3 month sleepers anymore because his feet are too dang big. i find it quite adorable.
3. he has a little forehead and dark thick hair like his papa steve & daddy. it's more noticeable now that his hair is starting to grow back in.
4. he's a big little guy. we have a friend who had a little boy 2 weeks before ben and he weighs a pound less than ben still. matt is praying we have a chubby baby so he can squeeze him more.

and last but not least, he's smiling at us!! he's finally found his smiling muscles. it started this week. at first i thought i was just a fluke and he was still just smiling cause he had just pooped or something. but nope, he knows his mom & dad already. it's the greatest feeling in the world. i love the little half smile he gives with his big lips and toothless mouth.

what a great time for my first mother's day...i'm truly basking in motherhood at the moment. im sure it will fade about 4 am, but i'm enjoying for now :)

love to all

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  1. He is way too sweet! Congrat on your first Mothers Day...what a blessing these little ones are!! :) So glad he is here for you to enjoy it. Hope Matt and little Ben treated you well..Much love! ;)



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