1 month and counting...

it's been 4 weeks so far with our little guy (i know i know the 1st is tomorrow!). some days it seems like forever ago that i was sitting in that hospital room and others..like it was yesterday. we're finally getting out little schedule figured out and learning what each of his cries means. he's precious and can't imagine life without him. God's timing is truly perfect. we've been slow about posting pictures thus far, so instead of trying to play catch up..we're just gonna start from here.

so this week he became the "little pooh bear" extreme light weight boxer! but he eats like a little piggie...i think he's pushing the 10lbs. mark for sure.


  1. Hey Ben!

    Great black and white picture! LOVE THE BLOG. Tell the 'rents I said hello! WELCOME TO LIFE KIDDO... I look forward reading about your adventures.

    Do you have a favorite book yet? I totally recommend Good Night Sammy for your next bed side reading.


  2. We love Baby Ben!! He's our fav baby boy :)
    love Aunt D and Uncle E

  3. Hahaha, and you said you weren't going to do the Pooh Bear thing... ;) It's SO adorable on him!! Gosh I wish I could come see you guys this weekend... We'll make it happen soon, very soon.




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