we've been busy!

sorry for the lack of updating last week...it was a full one! we had mother's day, got in a fender-bender, found and looked at a house we like, wrote a contract on it, my birthday and a couple of high school baseball state playoff games...on top of our weekly routine.

other than all that, everything is good and well in our house. we wrote a contract on a house last week and they accepted our offer and we're going through inspections this week. we'll let you know how it works out. and in the mean time we are also looking for renters for our condo, so that's been a whirlwind as well. ben's been a champ through it all.

ben has discovered his fists this week. he loves to shove them as far into his mouth as possible. sometimes he would rather his fists than the pacifier. maybe he'll turn out a thumb sucker after all. he's also become quite the vocal child. he'll lay on his back and kick and fail and squeal til his heart's content; then he usually cries and wants to be held. he's becoming more and more lively and we're so enjoying it.

sorry no pictures right now, i'll get some up later this week.

love to all

1 comment:

  1. Dear Ben,

    Looking forward to some pics... hopefully one in your new house...

    Tell Bear I said hello :)




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