it's not about me pt.1

it seems as of late i keep hearing the message "it's not about me." and while part of me says "i get it. i get it!" but He keeps sharing it, so obviously i'm missing something...missing the bigger picture here. when we are self focused we can't see what God is doing around us. and when we can't see what He is doing around us, we don't know how to fall in line with what He is calling of us where we are.

it's like when we go to get an eye exam. for those of you who have perfect vision, let me explain what happens.
the doctor places varying prescription lenses over your eyes asking you to tell them when it's perfectly clear. and while with some you can't see anything but dark blobs, others allow you to see some shapes...they would allow you to function to some degree. but once that perfect prescription lens hits your eye, everything makes sense. it goes from being able to just see the outlines & shapes to being able to make sense of what those things are & how to continue on.

i think that is what God is trying to tell us. when we focus on where we are, we have limited vision.
if you focus on yourself or your personal struggles or how YOU are going to take care of something, it's like walking around with glasses that are just good enough, but still make you squint. you can function just fine. and we function that way because we don't know that there is something better for us.

but the Good News is that He does have something better for us.

i remember when my best friend got her first pair of eye glasses as a child. {well, maybe not the exact moment like she does, but i've heard her recall that day often.} and how when she put them on, she realized that trees were actually full of leaves and didn't just look like the lollipop trees we drew in elementary art class. she could see & her clear sight brought her better understanding. see how that works? clearer vision brings understanding to where you are. afterall, isn't that what you are trying to figure out?

i realize that this is one of those simple ideas that comes with lots of layers. so stay tuned for more...

but today what are you so focused on that you limits your vision of greater things?
instead of throwing yourself a pity party or trying to get yourself out of a fix, stop. focus on pouring life & love into someone else today. and wait to see how God restores your vision & understanding.

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