adventures in mommy style: denim shorts

as part of a follow up to my post the other day...i'm rediscovering my personal style
here's my 1st what i wore post...and i by no means declare myself a fashion diva. 
i mean i'm about to talk about jean shorts of all things. so not fashion forward!

i am trying to find cute stuff that fits into my lifestyle. for instance, i live in florida. it gets hot...and humid. and i'm outside corralling or chasing down boys on the reg. or lifting a giant double stroller out of the car. therefore, i need clothing that makes these things easier, but still allow me to look put together & feel cute.
ya know what i mean?! 

while i love summer dresses & skirts, sometimes a skirt ends up being one too many things to have to worry about.
{like on a windy day while hauling the stroller out of the car}

i'm not really a shorts-lovin-kinda-gal, but i suppose it's time to embrace them.  
so i've been on the quest for some shorts i like...jean/denim shorts specifically. 
{i have no good ones to cut off or else i would have done so first!} 

i failed.

i shopped every store at the outlets & the mall. and while yes, there were shorts aplenty, none that fit my specific criteria. you know, that list that you have made up in your head while searching for the perfect item...yeah, that one. it can get lengthy & thrown out altogether sometimes, but it's nice to know what you're looking for too. it's a process to say the least!

and then after i'd given up & when i wasn't really looking
...i found these...

they may not have been exactly what i thought i wanted, but 
i love them so much, i've worn them 2x since buying them. 
i would say that is SUCCESS!

and since, i was already stepping out of my comfort zone, 
i grabbed this shirt too.

it's totally not me...with the ruffles AND the floral print.
{i know some of you are quite shocked! hang with me!}
don't mind the bad phone pic or the cute photo bomber!
but i must say, it looks better on me than the mannequin. 
those ruffles do a girl right & hide all kinds of wrong.
and that v-neck is the perfect length for a momma who is always picking up little boys.

how cute is this outfit?! 

i paired it with some cute white sandals. 
try some like these

totally able to run errands around town, 
play with the boys at the park
and make dinner
wearing this outfit!

so tell me, when was the last time you stepped outside your style comfort zone? 

it's worth the risk!


  1. Cute outfit K! I love it, you look awesome. And...well...I am gonna be sporting some shorts of Bonnie's this summer...YIKES!!! I, like you, am not a fan of shorts but finally see the necessity...ugh. Lol.

    1. welcome to the club! ;) at least you get awesome "hand me downs"

    2. No. Joke. I doubt there would be any way I would buy shorts for myself! Thank you Bonnie!!!

  2. Looking good, Krissi! Seems to be more of a going out kind of outfit but can see the practicality of wearing it at home. How does it feel to look cute again?

    1. but that's the just the point momma, if i just wait to wear it out...it might not ever get worn ;)



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