adventures finding purpose in alone time

y'all i've had a revelation...

it's not just about getting me time away from my kids.
it's about doing something good, fun, productive, purposeful...in my time away from my kids.

yes, there is always the floor to vacuum, dishes to do, laundry to fold & toys to put away. or tv to watch, stores to window shop & the internet to surf. 
but truthfully aren't those things part of our everyday routine?!

i realized i was jealous of matt when he would slip out to the garage to work on "his stuff"...and i'd be sitting on the couch. alone. zoning out watching tv. 
he's out there playing music, making cables, working on editing music for others. 
his time had purpose.

i wanted purpose. 
i wanted to be sure of that purpose.
i wanted to have something to "work on"
and i felt like i was 5 years old...i wanted a job to do
{y'all with kids know what i'm talking about!}

now i realize that not everyone understands where i'm coming from.
i was there in the not-so-distant past. and i was totally ok with it. 
my boys. my husband. my house. my friends. they were all more than enough.
but as i found myself in a new place, both physically & spiritually, i longed for something more.

and i just added this to the list of things i was searching for...
something to call my own.
there are few things i know about myself & it's that i'm no painter, seamstress, or crafty lady.

so an opportunity was presented to me. 
it's something i NEVER thought i'd do. nev.er!
and yet, it seemed to fit more than 1 of the things on my list. 
i'll be honest...i'm pretty stoked about it.

i've signed on to the stella & dot team!
it's boutique style jewelry sold at in-home {and online} trunk shows. 
i'm in love!
and since i have pretty things to wear, i'm doing it more often. 

i have several WHY's for diving head first into this. 
but for right now, at this moment, it's a hobby. 
i'm not in this to become top sales lady.
if by chance that does come eventually, then great. 
but for now, it's time for me to have purpose &
to have some girl time-apart from my boys.

so i'd love to introduce you to their great products. 
here are some collections i've put together of my fav pieces.
{maybe you'll even find some mother's day inspiration!}

while i know that this move is a bit extreme for some...
what are you doing with your time to make it purposeful?!
do you craft, knit, paint, sew?

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