When adventures come to an end a legacy is left

This past Saturday the Ruckel family lost a wonderful man, C. wWalter Ruckel, jr., at the age of 85. Although he is gone, his legacy of family, generosity & activity in a community he loved will remain implanted in the hearts of those he left behind. We are honored to now be raising our family in this town he obviously loved & cared for.

we've been remembering & celebrating papa walt this week. we've had beautiful services held in his honor & got to share lots of stories of this man, the legend that he is. the church was literally standing room only and i'd say that, in & of itself, shows the mutual love & respect between this man and this town.

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and what i've learned from his life: 
may we all have the zeal to live life to its fullest & make the choice to adventure whenever possible. 

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