found: brothers playing together

found: brothers nicely playing together

It's these types of moments of motherhood that I love...finding the boys quietly playing together. 
And also make me ever so thankful for my iPhone!
because these moments are fleeting. 
literally they all started crying not 2 minutes after i snapped this picture. 
but when i'm old & grey and sharing memories of their childhood with my grandkids,
 i want to share these moments, not the fussy, whiny, hot messes they can be on the regular.
we've got plenty of that to go around.
amen & amen!

He hears my heart that cries out for a tight bond of friendship amongst these boys.
He gives me glimpses of peace in their relationship reassuring me that it won't always
be full of battles & striving to out do one another. 

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  1. I see that look in Matt's eye-plotting something. :) glad you caught the sweeties being sweet



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