beach adventures: embracing routine

wow! it's been a crazy couple of weeks full of visitors, a getaway to the beach & even some sick buddies in the mix. and this morning as we fall back into our normal, our routine, i find myself at peace.  because as nice as vacation is, the lack of routine nearly breaks us all.

i can honestly say that i never thought i'd get to this place in life. i've always bucked schedules. i personally feel they're too restrictive. BUT i have found a place in my heart (& life) for routine. in fact, i've come to see that not only do my boys thrive on routine, but so do i. now i'm not talking about a daily schedule laid out by the minute. i'm more referring to the outline of a day, things to be expected...there will be meals, naps & picking {ben} up from school. i do think it was having twins that created this need in me...that and having 4 kids.

but it is still my goal in life to never be tied down to a schedule. although, i'm sure that will ebb & flow as {ben} enters kindergarten next fall & the others start preschool. i mean i can only be in denial of the inevitable for so long, but i'll enjoy it while it lasts.

but i guess that also means i have yet to figure out how to get regular posts up. still working on that new year's resolution. until then, i leave you with some shots of our little getaway at the beach house.


  1. Thank you for letting us interrupt your routine! I totally agree about routines, too. The girls and I do so much better during the school year when we have our "normal" days. Takes a lot of adjusting to find a summer routine. Hopefully having a pool will help. Haha :)

    1. You're always welcome to throw a wrench in my routine! And yes a pool will help. I'll miss our morning & evening swim times...and the good nights sleep they brought. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Those boys are going up!

  3. @Charity Mack thanks charity! thankful for my iphone for sure!



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