what do you get an adventurous boy for his 3rd birthday?!

last friday was our {gaber} boy's 3rd birthday. and we had a fun-filled weekend for sure. 

{matt} & i made our inaugural step into parenthood as we stayed up late and put together our first "big" present. like we started at 10pm & it took us just about 2 hours. and well, it was probably the largest gift they may ever get. and i say they, cause it serves as {ben}s birthday present too. 

this pic made me laugh. when you're feeling nostalgic about your kids growing up too quickly and getting too big...just buy them large gifts to put their size perspective. ok, so that may not really be the reason why we got them the trampoline, but that's what this picture made me think of. we bought it because we have boys, well 4 boys, that possess this amazing amount of energy. and they all love it. oh and the baby gates, you like that touch?! yeah, we had to ensure that little curious boys wouldn't wander into a certain death trap.

and bonus...the neighbors set this slide out for trash pickup on his birthday. major score! 

we had a party for the little big guy on saturday. when i asked what kind he wanted...all he said was a "gabers party". so i just let him pick out plates, napkins & streamers from the party section at walmart. the party was complete with lots of sunshine, friends, jumping & cupcakes. well, a maybe a few bumps & bruises along the way.

and so thankful for the friends & family that made this day perfect & extra special for our buddy. my parents were in town for the weekend which made it even more fun.


  1. Kristi, looks like a great day for your big guy! I have two boys & my hands are full full full. Bless you and your husband for your fab four boys!



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