embracing the camera:: gabe's turning 3

i'm embracing the camera this week with my {gabers}
in honor of his 3rd birthday tomorrow! 
(cause people, it's important to have memories with mom included!)

he is the photobooth king. he asks to do it all the time. and while i'm sure that some of it is just being able to watch himself, he likes having his picture taken. at least for now he does!

part of our new routine is putting the twins down for a morning nap & then i spend some quality time with {gabe}. these are from one of our 1-on-1 mornings this week.

we usually do a variety of things...but trains are usually involved since there are no godzilla twins on the loose.

his favorite part is when i let him click the button & then the count down...3...2...1!

he's usually a lover, but i had to hold him still to get a kiss. 
he wanted to watch the countdown.

when you became a mom did your permanent place become behind the camera? me too. so i'm trying to embrace being in front of the camera more....even if it's just a photobooth sesh with my buddies. 


  1. can't believe you have 4 under 4! i thought i had my hands full with three, three and under! great pics!

  2. So sweet! What a momma, four under 4!

  3. What a little sweetheart you have there!



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