the adventure of making new friends

we are definitely in the hard part of this transition. we are feeling settled at home, but yet still don't have much outside of our home. and we are all yearning for it. craving it. ready to put in the effort of making & building new friendships.
but we are just taking one step at a time. making the effort & going through the process it takes to meet people, join a church, build relationships. and let's be honest, there's no easy way out or shortcut when it comes to these things. because it's not just about {matt} & i anymore...our boys need friends to play with and places to go as well. and i'll be honest, that makes me want to push harder. it breaks my heart that next friday is {gabe}s 3rd birthday & there aren't many friends to invite. he's asked for a party & cake & friends. i mean come one, how could i not?! especially when he says it in his sweet little lispy voice. so we'll be having a small party for him even though i have no idea what that looks like & it's a week away. typical me!

little gabers in his tent

in the last 2.5 months we've been here, we've pushed hard to establish ourselves. the light at the end of the tunnel is nearing. we've joined a small group & officially become members at our new church. {ben} is making friends at school, even though he's can't remember their names most days, he gets that from his dad. we've registered the big boys for a preschool soccer team thing through the church where {ben} is at school. and...it's birthday season for us. which means lots of parties. for the next 8 weeks starting next friday with {gabe} are 4 of our birthdays...plus easter & mother's day. and the first half of april we also have out of town visitors! 

and while i know this has been a dry season for friendships, it's been a great time for {matt} & i to reconnect. we've had the non-negotiable opportunity to truly become a marriage-centered family again. we've had a couple of date nights here & there. but our favorite new thing is loading up the kids & going for a bike ride. it's nice to be active, but it's not about physical exercise, it's about being able to focus & talk to one another. we give the boys a 'picnic' dinner, put them in the bike trailers & they sit quietly while we cruise around. and we just get to talk...like friends. and there are so many things about knowing that we are truly still friends that makes my heart leap & in turn fall in love with him more.

{matt} pulls the guys on the left
and i pull the ones on the right. still not convinced that i didn't get the heavier load.


  1. If we lived close, we would come to your party. Your babies are so darn cute!

  2. Gabe's request breaks my heart. I'm sure your sweet kids won't have any trouble making friends when they start activities and preschool adnd everything.

  3. @undomestic chicaIt breaks mine too! :( but I know that getting him involved in his own thing will help...hopefully!

  4. Awe... I wish we lived close! I'm going through this a little right now. I was pregnant and tired when we moved to CO 8 months ago and now I'm just busy, sleep deprived and trying to keep up with life... and not making too much time to go find more friends and bond, even tho I yearn to do so. Love the bikes! We were just looking into these the other day... my husband is beyond ecstatic to get pull the kids... I on the other hand haven't ridden a bike since the early 2000's and feel like pee-wee herman every time I try to get on one :) I'll get over it I suppose.. lol



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