twins naptime adventures

and in case you didn't get the drift of what it means to be tag-teamed by the twins...well, here's is a video.

before this video was shot we had already been into the room to resettle & put them back to bed. then we set {matt}s iphone up in their room to see exactly what was happening during nap time. this is a little snippet of it...what you didn't see is the 3 other times that {matt} or i came in to put someone back into their crib.

we totally were laughing. {matty} is so strong! my favorite part is {sam} putting his arm around {matty} as he climbs out, as if he were saying "stay & snuggle some more." but don't let his sweetness fool you...he climbs out in the middle of the night. he's been known to sneak into our bed & kiss his dad in hopes of convincing {matt} it's ok to let him stay. and it usually works. {sam}s also been known to just sit & play toys if he can't get the door open...yes, in the dark of the middle of the night.

i'm more than ready for these canine teeth to finish cutting. that's what seems to be keeping them up. *fingers crossed* they'll stop after all their teeth are in.


  1. aww sneaky little guy! They are too cute snuggling together.

  2. Wow! My twins haven't climbed out...so far...but I'm pretty sure they both could if they wanted to. I'm trying to keep them in cribs until they turn 3 - about 6 more months to go. Wish me luck ;-)



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