an annual adventure with a twist

so we've had some health issues around here lately. it's been a little ridiculous. and frankly i'm over it. but what's our life without a few extra adventures right?! geez!

so i went to my obgyn for my annual appointment. if that sentence made you uncomfortable, stop reading now. or it will only continue to get more uncomfortable for you. this is the first time that i've been in for an annual and NOT been pregnant. it felt strange. but it was nice to not have a pint of blood drawn.

i did the usual routine & let the nurse get her stats...all were fine. questions, side effects or concerns about my IUD...nope. any other concerns...

yes, well actually, there is this...this lump in my right breast.


it has been there since after i had {ben}.  i asked my former OB i changed practices with my pregnancy with {gabe} about it at an appointment after having {ben}. i was told it was probably just a blocked milk duct because i was breastfeeding and not to worry, it should soon go away. i nodded and went on my way.

well it didn't go away. in fact it got bigger. but lets be real here...since that appointment i've been pregnant or breastfeeding. i was putting my body through the ringer and in the end i wasn't sure what kind of condition my breasts would be in. smaller, sure. but having a lump that had grown, yeah not so much.

after my sweet doctor did a breast exam on me, she too agreed that we needed to do something about it...and oh yeah, there's another smaller spot on the other breast. just great. but she got some lidocaine and a 18 gauge needle to check the fluid and drain it if possible. well turns out, it was totally drainable 10cc worth, that's a lot! of nasty cystic fluid and no blood. the doc said she was looking for blood and if there had been then we would need to do a biopsy. so that was unexpectedly easy. and the cyst is no longer. i will go in for a mammogram & ultrasound in the next few weeks to make sure there isn't anything underlying that we missed and to get a better look at the smaller cyst. and then follow up with a surgeon in case there might be need to take action with anything. i'll update again once i've had those appointments.

all and all i'm glad with the news i received today.  like my momma said "better knowing and being able to face it than not knowing and being fearful and turning it into something bigger than it is." good words momma. also i read this while in the waiting room at the doctor's office..."for God is greater than our worried hearts for He knows more about us than we do ourselves." 1 john 3:20 amen!

  • so this story is a giving of thanks & praise all in one. thank ya Jesus! Hallelujah! 
  • plus i'm super thankful for the support of my family...the encouragement they supplied along with the worries i know they wouldn't tell me about because i told them not to. 
  • also thankful that i can now sleep on my stomach again and not feel it

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  1. Whew! Way to be wise and just get it checked out! Glad all is well.



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