flashback adventures to times unremembered

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last September was a time i'll never remember & i love the month of september. i know, i know. most people end that phrase with never forget. it's when my mom who stayed with us for 7 weeks after twins birth left. then things went blank...

i do remember parts of my family visiting and taking family pictures, but not too much else. i kinda hate it. but thankfully i have lots of pictures thanks to my awesome husband & his trusty iphone and, not to worry, we also have some good ones on our real camera. i feel like a small child when i try to remember the happenings...just bits & pieces that are muddied by sleep deprivation and stories & pictures shared by friends. so here's an attempt to relive, remember & share life as it was with newborn twins.

trying to find just pictures from end of august & beginning of september 2010.

lots of time spent in my moby wrap for everyone. it was part of my everyday attire.
thankful my wonderful mother in law made me a second. we wouldn't have survived without it!

double time!
and yes, they loved it.
{matty} to this day loves being worn.

{sam} taking a look around 

lots of couch time. and subsequent cartoon watching.


this is {gabe} checking out [sam}'s paci

{ben} & {sam}

{ben} & {matty}

big brother {ben} was enthralled with both boys and constantly asked to snuggle them

and most importantly, lots of snuggles.

{matty} & {sam} lived in the pack n play in the living room

photo by {ben}

swaddled & pacified. time for a nap!

and the big boys loved spending with
grammie & granpop while they stayed with us
ok, now i feel like i sufficiently recall september 2010. and i'm glad to say that it's done. those sleepless nights with twins kicked all our butts! thankful for time passed and growing older aka bigger & fatter.

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  1. They are too cute! This kinda makes me want twins!!!



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