saying goodbye to august adventures & hello to september

today was a beautiful day. not just because we were embarking on a new adventure preschool but because it felt like a perfect fall day. i think that helped make sending {ben} to preschool easier on this momma. it's back to school season & i'm so ready to say 'goodbye august. hello september'.

until this year, i have never been so ready and expectant of the change of seasons. i can actually feel things changing, not just wanting to see change. in nature. in our home. in our current state of living.

this spring is when i first truly noticed it. i yearned for it. i wanted to see the season of new life so badly i could taste it. i'm sure it was because i was eager for a season of new life for myself & the family. i took advantage of every nice spring day we had. i savored every second of the fresh and non-humidity filled air.

i basked in summer's heat & sun not that you could tell by my tan and A/C. we played outside. enjoyed our summer visitors and swam, swam & swam some more. it sure was a HOT one. i think that's why i'm so ready for fall.

and again, i can taste it. the pumpkin...everything. the soups. the chili. the football. the cool brisk air. a hot cup of coffee while apple picking. who's with me?!

it gets me all nostalgic for some reason. maybe just remembering where i've been and what i've come through. or maybe it's the smell of the air that reminds me of my first mornings going back to school. either way...

come on fall!

here's some sweet pictures as my {ben} buddy walked out the door my baby & into the life of a big, school-going boy! update from yesterday...we all slept well. for the first time in weeks! 

p.s. the spiderman vest is actually thestraps to his back pack that he had to have. ha!

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