summer adventure survival

there is always that one thing or place that will forever be nostalgic and remind you of summer.  you know like popsicles, watermelon, slip n slides, fireworks & late nights. for me, it's been my back deck & yard. this was the first summer we have all been able to enjoy it. no matter where we are in 10 years, this summer was full of adventures that will always be in my memory. it is my happy place that i will constantly refer to as the boys grow older and yet they won't remember much. bu they will have memories because i took pictures and told stories.

this is how & where we are surviving our summer...

our safe & shaded deck
thanks to our shade sail & pool fence all are free to run, walk or crawl to their heart's desire

our cozy deck all dressed up 
with our 'party lights' as {ben} calls them

and who doesn't love a relaxing ride on the hammock
although we have a hammock, this isn't mine, but i just adore this picture

porch swings make for fabulous substitute rocket ships & airplanes for the kiddos
and for us adults, a great way to spend the evening chatting away with friends

our DIY baby pool in a rubbermaid tub
{sam} loved it!

and so did {matty} 
with just a little bit of water it was heavy enough to not tip over
& the walls are tall enough they could stand up too.

and who doesn't love a ride in a convertible on a gorgeous summer evening?!

sitting in my hammock watching {ben} & {gabe} hard at work digging in the sand
and watering plants

and the center of most of the action...the pool. 
doesn't it look refreshing?! let me tell ya, it is!

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  1. Looks like a lot of water fun at your place! I know your kids are loving it :-)

    Those whoopie pies are really simple to make - definitely give them a shot if you're looking for something snazzy for the birthday party :-)

  2. Do you remember your summer in Florida at our pool? It is a great place to occupy the time.

  3. that's it, my friend. I'm coming over.



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