a conquest in the battle of humility

{hannah} @ 40 weeks & me @ 34 weeks
we'd been swimming & it was july...
please excuse everything but the big bellies :)

i've found myself being more sentimental than normal recently. and no, there are no pregnancy hormones to blame people. seriously! i just keep thinking about where i was last july. i keep thinking about how far i...we as a family have come over the past year. i'm sure i will be like this every year, but this is the first, so just indulge me.

i was on modified bed rest to allow maximum blood flow to {matty}. i really just couldn't...i tried to sit & rest. and really i did but because i had worn myself out. which really isn't the objective of bedrest. i was in a battle of humility. i was having to let people help me. it was horrible. all of these mundane, every day sort of tasks, people were helping me with. i felt that i was still very capable. i could do those things. but that wasn't what the doctors were asking me. they knew i could and was fully capable of doing my 'housework', what they wanted was for me to simply not do it. i was being told NO. gasp! how dare they! i am the one to tell others {ben} & {gabe} NO...i definitely wasn't used to hearing it.

thankfully i have friends who know me well enough to just come & take over. i had a friend who would come & clean my floors for me weekly. i had friends come & pick up the boys so i could actually lay down and get some rest. i also had friends have the boys over for play dates...cook me meals...do my laundry...paint my toenails...buy me books to read on bed rest. it was a pretty sweet deal. i just wasn't much for all the attention. :)

if only then had i truly known what life would be like now, i really would have taken advantage of those offerings much more frequently. but then again, no one could have prepared me for it. i've learned that i can't be quite so independent and that i truly need help. i take it a bit more graciously these days. although it's still hard when i feel they are things that i can do...they just don't get done. accepting i've done, figuring out how to appropriately thank my wonderful God-sent helpers...still a work in progress.

all that to say, check out my amazingly clean house that my wonderful mother-in-law did while i took the boys to north carolina last week. needless to say, i made them wait outside while i walked thru the cleanliness first. blessed and overly loved by her.


  1. Can she come to my house and clean it too? No? Dang!

  2. What a year indeed! So proud of you. And I love that pic of us!! What is it about babies turning 1 that make moms so sentimental! Glad I'm not the only one :)
    And your house looks aaaaamazing! Love ya :)

  3. That is THE BEST gift anyone could ever receive!! Someday I hope I can do that for my daughters :) You have such a beautiful home by the way!



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