adventure of single-parent sundays

the morning began with a debate...over clothes no less. i totally would have expected food, but clothes? i mean really. i usually let the boys wear whatever they want during the week. the typical wardrobe is pj's, shorts & no shirt, or just the little boy undies. but the rule goes, on sundays, mom picks out the clothes. it's not even so much to not have an argument, but just easier for me to not have to search & find something in the morning. i pick their outfits out the night before and lay them out so {Ben} can help get himself ready. 

it was like he knew that i hadn't prepared the night before and just went for it. i grabbed some clothes off the back of the couch that hadn't gotten put away from the day before. don't judge. i tossed him a pair of red shorts to put on. 
the conversation went something like this:
and his response, "mom, this is NOT my favorite color. orange is my favorite color." 
"well you're right buddy. they're red. i like red."

with arms crossed and a humph. i snatched the red shorts outta his hands and tossed him an orange shirt. all was well in the world with the simple switch. 

so when i went to dress {Gabe} i just gave him a motorcycle shirt. i wasn't even gonna go there with a 2 yr old.

2 thoughts:
1. when did i become the mom of a moody teenage girl?
2. can't children come with flashing neon lights above their heads that say "WARNING: ____" moody, hungry, tired, etc. it really would take so much of the stress out of my day. 

{Ben} happy as a clam.
 if he'll always be this happy, i'll let him wear orange everyday!

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