adventures of finding joy in the small things

ben loves playing with these trucks. he was playing with them the other day & i couldn't find him or the trucks after awhile. i thought he'd lost them since 2 year olds have a tendency to put things places but have no clue where they are when you ask later. i walked down the hall to ben's room and found the trucks in front of the bathroom door. who knows what it is that makes their little minds do things like this...4 trucks in a straight line-2 facing right & 2 facing left- in front of the door to the bathroom of all places. haha! i always get a kick out of things like this. their minds are so full of creativity! the joys of my day. :)


  1. Granddad thought this was very special.

  2. That is so cool!! My boys used to do the very same thing. We acutally have a picture of Clay dead asleep in the hallway with his cars lined up all along the wall! Too sweet!



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