laughter is the best medicine

ben is almost 6 months & is getting to be tons of fun. he's really got a sense of humor developing. it loves to try to make me laugh at nap time when i put him down. it's like he thinks that if i laugh he won't have to take a nap. this kid is smart. he is so observant and just takes everything in. so he's starting to respond to little games i play with him. i try to "bite" his neck and now he's doing the same. we just have so much fun together.

this is a video from some family hangout time last week. matt & i watched a movie and ben came in and played in his high chair after a late night carrot snack. he gets giggly at night when he starts getting tired.

Ben & Matt playing peek-a-boo

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  1. Technology is wonderful!!! Maybe we can keep up with the boy this way. Ben-the-man is on his way and we want to go with him!



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