a day in the life of me!

this is what i do in the morning. i smile at my mom & dad. we laugh & play til it's time for breakfast. mmm! carrots!

then i go exer-sauce for a while. i try to wrestle everything into my mouth. it's so much fun!

then it's lunch time!! i love to eat.

then i have some good tummy time. i move around the living like a pro. and now i'm learning how to hold myself up on all 4's. i'm getting the hang of it. watch out mom!

then i fall asleep after playing hard and snuggling with dad. i love to play with his hair.


  1. Ben, can you hold off growing more until I come in 3 weeks?? :)

  2. ben, you are too cute! i love the first pic. i could pinch those cheeks all day!



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