big boy food

well after a couple weeks of ben watching us intently while we eat, snatching at our food or whining while we eat...we decided to give him some "solid" food of his own. he had 2 feedings today of rice cereal. he chowed down! in fact i wasn't quite fast enough at feeding him by spoon, so we went to the bottle. he's a big growing boy. for now we'll stick to rice cereal and try out the "orange/ yellow" veggies as suggested by the doc. my meal times will never be the same. but i will say the cereal does tide him over for a little bit longer, so that gives me some "extra" time.

can't believe it! he turned 5 months on saturday...he's got his 2 bottom teeth and now he's eating big boy food. and yes he's trying to crawl but at the moment it just looks like a face planted booty lift! pretty cute. and he can sit up pretty well by himself, but has yet to sit himself up without help.

pictures of our d.c. getaway coming soon...

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