the "big sunday"

here are some pictures from the "big sunday" a couple weeks ago. ben did awesome :) of course when we took him out of his car seat to go up to be prayed over, we discovered that he had a poopy diaper. and all i could think of was a story of another new mom...her baby had a poopy diaper that leaked everywhere during dedication! i was praying that God would give us help in raising this child to know his word and that he wouldn't get poop all over us :) thankfully we made it through clean.

pastor eric & family praying over ben

baby & his momma

not only was it ben's dedication, but it was also the day that matt was being ordained! i would say our family made a huge commitment to God that day ;) it was an amazing sermon that pastor eric gave directed to matt (of course while speaking to the rest the congregation as well) during which we both had to sit on stage for. yes awkwardly sit there the entire time in front of everyone. but i'm so glad to see others acknowledge my husband's true heart and desires. after eric got done speaking, the elders came and prayed over the both of us. pastor eric invited matt's dad to pray over us too. that was really special. it was an emotional time to say the least.

being prayed over by the elders

the ruckel clan (minus oakley)

thanks to all who came out to the party or attended church just to be a part of it all. it was all a great blessing. and those of you who couldn't make it...thanks for the prayers and blessings.


  1. GREAT pictures!! What a wonderful time for your family! Love to you all! ;)

  2. Wish we could have been there. Glad you had such a fun time.



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