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as you can probably tell from my post earlier this week, i've found some creative juices...and i'm trying to keep them flowing. it's harder to do than i'd expected. there are 4 little interruptions of life & normal daily tasks that break that flow regularly. and once said interruptions are down for the night...i struggle to regroup, even to just veg & watch tv.

alas, earlier this week while {matt} was out of town, i rallied & sat down to intentionally be creative. upon picking up some of the toys & mess of the day, i came across our copy of The Giving Tree by shel silverstein. this book sits on our living room shelf instead of the bookshelf in the boys room. why? because it was my wedding gift to {matt}. just before our wedding we had talked about childhood memories and what we wanted our family to look like...and this book came up. therefore, i wanted to have a tangible reminder in our house. that we are to love other & put them before ourselves.

i was reminded of one of my favorite quotes from this book
and she loved a little boy very, very much-even more than she loved herself.
but as i was trying to recall it exactly, i found it wasn't in this edition of the book...it must have just been from my childhood. so i scoured google to see if what i was recalling was correct. indeed it was...or it had been. i have yet to nail down when the wording changed in the books, but there are plenty of pictures of the page in question these older editions. even found a few tattoos of it, so i think it's safe to say, my memory really is serving me right.

so i decided to make my own version of the quote. 
because simply loving just one boy is outta the question!

the frame i already had. it was up on the wall already with a picture in it. i wasn't really lovin' how it looked on the wall, so i decided to put something new in it. low & behold, i was able to make this print in photoshop the exact size needed. perfect!

and i must say...i love the way it turned out! definitely a true portrait of what i think motherhood is.

and it has definitely kept the fire of creativity ignited & burning. still working on some rooms in the house so that is definitely needed!

what's got you inspired?!

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  1. I love this so much. I've been creating an assortment of frames on the nursery wall, and was thinking of adding a quote. I'm not sure which one yet.



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