single parent sunday :: at a birthday party

usually our sundays are filled with church and naps. but last week, instead of going to night church, we went to our friend {sawyer}s 3rd birthday party. and what an adventure it was!

for the most part the boys did great. it's a child-proofed house filled with plenty of toys to distract from anything too troublesome except...

the table. {sam} has this  obsession with climbing up on the chairs to get to the table. it's why my table looks like this...

and then there was the kiddie table on the porch full of half eaten cupcakes. after i got done feeding {sam} & {matty} their cupcake, they b-lined for the table of abandoned cupcakes before i could even get up. it was an epic twin tag team battle. i'd get one of their hands cleaned off & pulled away from the table while the other jumped right in...this continually happened for a good couple minutes before i was able to get them both cleaned, cupcakes snatched away & put some place unreachable. wish it would have been captured on video somehow because i'm sure it was hilarious to watch. i then brought them inside and proceeded to chase them & pull everyone's cups/plates/food out of their hands. 

and {gabe} decided to forget he is potty trained. and of course, i didn't have any extra clothes for him. so he ran around in a long sleeve shirt, diaper & his shoes...the majority of the night. he also didn't want to leave the train table & pitched a small fit. then i reminded him that he had trains at home now too. thanks {grammie} & {granpop}!

and {ben} wanted to help open all the birthday presents. he also was playing baseball outside and i nearly got hit in the head by him twice...i'm sure that others had the same experience. sorry 'bout that folks!

needless to say, they were giving me a run for my money. and i decided that it was time to leave when i started to break a sweat from chasing boys & just trying to keep up. and pictures? like i had the time or sense of mind to take pictures. lesson learned...birthday parties require 2 adults to keep up with these boys & all the sugar that comes with a birthday party. 

good thing we sure love that {sawyer} boy and his mom & dad so much! 
and today is the actual birthday... 

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